Dosewalips.  Fun to say.  Even more fun to drive.  Yes, Dosewalips is a place - a river, in fact, like all our van names.  The name Dosewallips comes from a Twana tribal myth about a man named Dos-wall-opsh who was turned into a mountain at the river's source.  There are also several Klallam legend about Doquebatl, a spirit who changed a woman into Mount Rainier.  Located on the Olympic Peninsula, in the center of great camping and activity, it's entirely possible if you rent Dosewallips, you'll get a picture of her in front a sign bearing her name.

Doesewallips is one of Peace Vans' Weekender vans.  The Weekender Edition comes without the kitchen cabinetry - the stove, sink, etc.  Dont fret, we do send you with an ARB fridge(which is amazing) to pack all of your groceries. The benefit of this set up is that means a lot more space on the rear bench seat and the possibility of a rear facing jump seat - ideal of families greater than 4 (although 5 can and will squish into a full camper).  Don't worry about not having the stove and sink - most people don't even use them and we always include a two burner propane stove with all of our rentals.  Plus the huge assortment of normal camping equipment.  The Weekenders still have the pop and sleep four comfortably.

More pictures of Dosewallips coming soon!