Classic Road Trip Vehicles

There is no better vacation than exploring the Pacific Northwest in a VW camper van (or beyond, if you have the time and we have the van!). From the moment you drive away to the time you drop off, you'll experience the freedom that only a classic road trip can offer. No tour guides, no restrictions, no boundaries. Just you and the van and the road. This is truly the vacation of a lifetime and you’re supported by the experts at Peace Vans the whole way.

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Drop the devices and drop into some perfect camping and connection time (of course, all our vans have plenty of power and USB outlets if you do need your devices for a moment or two). 

Not quite sure a Vintage VW is right for you? We also rent Modern Mercedes Campers as well. Perfect for longer trips or if you want something with a little less nostalgia.

Looking to “Bring Your Own Vehicle” and just rent standalone camping gear (headed to the Gorge perhaps? or want to go camping for the weekend and just don’t have the gear?), new in 2019 we have a sister business that does just that: Peace Vans Outfitters.

Don't take our word for it - read what some renters say. Or, here’s some recent comments from just this past summer of 2018:

  • We had a wonderful time and realized afterwards there was just no better way to see Washington and beyond. #vanlife is the real deal. We will definitely come back to Washington and rent from Peace Van again. Your company is truly top notch. We felt like you all prepared us with everything to have a really good time. You sent us off feeling encouraged to enjoy ourselves and see the beautiful state. My family agrees, our trip in July was the trip of a lifetime and will be hard to top... our van rental was a HUGE part of that. Thank you!

  • Our family camping trip to Olympic National park in Peace Van's Pilchuck (we called him Chuck) was fantastic. This was our first time camping in that part of the country (we're from NYC) and our first time camping with our 2 kids (age 9 and 4) for that long. While we were definitely excited while planning the trip, we were also a bit nervous as we didn't know what it would be like for all 4 of us to live in a van for a week. I can tell you, our experience was pure magic. By day 3 my husband and I were dreaming of owning a van of our own. Chuck was perfectly stocked by Peace Vans with everything we needed. The kids LOVED sleeping up in the pop-top and our 4 year old really felt like he conquered the world when he finally learned to climb up and down on his own. The "downstairs bed" was super comfy for my husband and I. Like, seriously, who gets a good night sleep when camping?! . All in all, it was an incredible adventure for our family and we cannot wait to get back in a van.

  • I'm an indoorsy, couch-loving, bug-hating, sun-defying, atypical Seattle-ite. But my kids kept begging to go camping. Enter Peace Vans. Okay fine, we can go camping but I don't have to sleep on the ground. I was equal parts terrified and excited before the trip. To my great surprise, our camping trip to Vancouver Island was a huge success!! We all had an amazing time, the kids fell in love with Washougal, Vancouver Island was an enchanting paradise, and now I find myself planning my next camping trip. I even have a few bug bites but I don't even care! Who am I now? This experience wouldn't have been possible without Peace Vans, the campervan experience, and everything they did to make our trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Thank you!!!


Why Peace Vans?  We have a simple mission - to make your vacation awesome.

You can read all the reasons why we think we are the best choice here.  But, briefly, your rental van is cared for by the largest Vanagon/Eurovan shop in the US - Peace Vans.  We have a dedicated team of 17 employees.  We also have extra perks for our renters - secret camping spots we call Peace Vans Camps, detailed itineraries for you to follow or use as a baseline, and special discounts and offers at awesome spots along many of the popular routes.  

The vast majority of our rentals start and finish at our extremely convenient location in Downtown Seattle (5 minutes from all the major downtown hotels). One minute from the SODO light rail stop (which connects to SEA-TAC airport), 20 minutes in a cab from SEA-TAC, 3 hours via train from Portland…wherever you come from we are easy to get to. And, the best part? When you get here you’re welcomed like family and your trip starts off on a perfect footing. From coloring books for the kids, to guide books for the adults, to tours of our famous repair and restoration facilities our full service shop has everything you need to get going (did someone say Barista quality espresso in the shop? Yes, we said it).

Each of our rental vans come with our assurance that it is mechanically sound, fun to drive, and clean inside and out. Our vans are well-stocked, complete with everything you need for cooking and eating, along with some local treats.  Each van gets at least $20,000 of mechanical work before they enter the fleet, and they also get lots of nice upgrades like modern refrigerators, heaters for colder weather camping, awnings and upgraded sound systems.  These are awesome vans.


Start Your Adventure

Camping in a van provides the perfect combination of easy camping and easy access. Know of a campground in a National Park and you scored a reservation? Awesome. Not quite the planning type and the sun is setting and you're far out on a forest service road? Pop the top and call it a night right there! In a van, you're the proverbial hermit crab with your home on your back.

Design your own road trip (or just go where the wind takes you), or check out one of our suggested itineraries, complete with Van Life tips and tricks. Either way, your next road trip adventure is right around the corner. 

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Not sure you need a whole van but want to camp in the PNW anyway? For 2019, we have you covered with our new business - Peace Vans Outfitters. We think of it as Bring Your Own Prius/Subaru/Rental Car, etc. You bring your vehicle to our convenient location in Seattle and we load it up with everything you need to camp. Best part? When you’re done, just return it and we clean it all! Check it out - Peace Vans Outfitters.

We sent one of our vans for a little road trip and grabbed this video to share. Starring Nisqually the van!