Rental Details

  • NEW!  We are now offering 4 and 5 night rentals from October through April, we will add  $100 cleaning fee to cover the added costs of short term rentals.  May through September is still a 6 night minimum, although sometimes we can squeeze in a 5 night trip that time of the year.  Give us a shout.
  •   If you are local to Seattle and need shorter rentals, consider our Season Pass program.  
  • Rentals are generally available for pick up after 12:00pm on the starting day of your rental. They are due back by 1PM on the last day of your rental. Please check in advance with us if you need changes to this, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.  We can almost always meet your needs.  Do keep in mind that the earliest we can ever do a pick up is 10AM.
  • For rentals longer than 12 nights, we offer a 10% discount. If you wish to rent a van for longer than two weeks, please contact us to discuss. We can do month and longer rentals in the off season.
  • Your rental includes 125 miles per day with additional miles charges at $.35/mile. For a 6-night rental, 750 miles is plenty of range to see a lot of the Northwest. Please keep in mind that long travel days are not recommended - it's best to keep your daily mileage under 200 miles, although the occasional day of 300+ miles is okay as long as you take a few rests for you and the van. 

RESERVE BEFORE 12/31/2018 for an additional 5% Discount on all 2019 Reservations.


Rates vary by season and are listed below. We also must collect taxes, which include a 10.1% Washington sales tax and a 7.7% Seattle rental car tax. We understand these are high taxes, but paying our taxes is important and the fact that we collect and pay the proper taxes is a reflection on the type of business we operate.  You might notice smaller operators not charging taxes, while that will lower your cost, it's not a sustainable approach for anyone.

Insurance is required on our rentals and it must be obtained through us. The policy provides full coverage for collision and $1M in liability coverage. There is a $1,500 maximum deductible. There is a 10% charge for this insurance. Unfortunately, credit card policies and your personal automotive policy will not provide the proper coverage for a vintage camper van rental. Peace Vans makes no money on this insurance charge.  

High Season:  May Through September

  • The rental rate is $1,290 for 6 nights, with $215 per additional night.  (Note: Our Modern Mercedes are $245/night)

Shoulder Season: October Through April

  • The rental rate is $680 for 4 nights, and additional nights are $170.  ((Note: Our Modern Mercedes are $200/night).  Note, for rentals shorter than 6 nights we will charge a $100 cleaning fee.

A note about shoulder season rentals:  All of our vans have built-in heaters to help make cold weather camping more enjoyable. When it's cold out, it's best to not use the pop-top (to help conserve heat), so this generally this means camping with 2 people (instead of 4).

Traveling in Your Van

Our vans are best suited for travel in the Washington/Oregon/Idaho tri-state area. If you desire to roam further, just let us know and we can make sure it's ok - we have had lots of people venture to Yellowstone, Glacier and other points beyond the WA/OR/ID triangle.  Often times these longer trips require a minimum rental of at least 9 or 10 nights - visit our road trips to get a sense for the recommended minimums. Keep in mind that the further you range, the the harder it is for us to help you in the event of a mechanical issue. All vans travel with 24 hour roadside assistance, and we have a network of VW shops throughout the tri-state area. But if you venture further, our ability to quickly service your vehicle slows down.    We now allow our vans into Canada.  Be sure to check out our Vancouver Island trip for one possibility.

We now are allowing limited one-way rentals between Santa Cruz, CA and Seattle or vice versa.  Learn more here.  New for 2018, roam as far south as San  Luis Obispo, CA.

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Other Fun Stuff

Our vans are also available for special occasion rentals (weddings, events, photo shoots). Have an event coming up? Get in touch!

We also are always interested in learning about cool trades for our vans - do you own a vacation property, work in the trades or similar and want to trade? Make us an offer!