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Job: Peace Vans Rentals General Manager

Peace Vans Rentals is a ridiculously fun and exciting business located in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle.  Peace Vans Rentals is a sister company to Peace Vans, which is the largest VW Camper van repair and restoration shop in the US.  The companies have a stellar reputation with customers, partners and the community and we seek to continue that through how we work every single day. 

The role of General Manger for Peace Vans Rentals has the potential to be a dream job for the right candidate.  If you love working with amazing customers, equipping them for a road trip of their dreams, tinkering around on old vans, and providing the greatest customer service possible – Peace Vans Rentals could be right for you. 

The job is a very intense one during the peak season from May through September and it won’t be unusual for you to work long days and weeks.  The off season is a time to catch our breaths, slow down and even take the vans themselves out on road trips to explore new spots or try new equipment.

You will succeed in the role if you are highly energetic, somewhat mechanically inclined, and passionate about customers and the outdoors and love to help people.



The General Manager has overall operational responsibility for the Peace Vans Rentals business.  The GM is responsible for all aspects of the business execution and maintain excellence across every aspect of the experience.  While supported by the CEO, the GM will be expected to operate independently to assure the smooth operation of the rental business insuring the best possible customer experience.  As a business with a very busy summer season and dependent on tourists as the primary customers, the GM should expect an extremely heavy workload from May through September.  In line with that, the GM will have to work 3 weekends per month during the peak summer months to provide full coverage.  On Weekend coverage times, the following Monday and/or Tuesday will be available as days off.  There might be occasions where 6 or 7 days straight will have to be worked, but we will try to avoid these situations.

The role will be a fast paced job with no two days ever being the same, but everyday being rewarding and fun.  Peace Vans Rentals has amazing customers who travel from all over the world to have a unique Northwest camping experience and we are the enabler of lifelong memories for them. 

The job will range from the mundane (washing dishes, folding laundry, washing cars) to the exciting (sending off a family of four who are waving crazily as they pull away) to the challenging (helping a client with a van that won’t start when they are out of cell phone range service) to the dreamy (being asked to take a 3 day road trip to scout some new campsites for future renters).  While the CEO will play a strong supporting role, the day to day responsibilities will largely fall to the General Manager as will the design of systems, processes and practices to manage the operations of the business.


-         Customer Engagement

o   Pick ups:  Be the primary resource for welcoming new clients, providing the rental orientation, answering questions, and insuring their rental starts off on an amazing foot

o   Drop offs: Perform the customer drop off process, check for damage, answer questions, help dispose of trash/leftovers

o   Handle walk-in traffic as it happens

o   Possible shuttling of customers to/from light rail or Peace Vans main shop as needed.

-         Vehicle prep and readiness

o   Perform light maintenance as required on vehicles.  Escalate possible issues to Peace Vans “shop” liaison.  Assure vehicles are ready for customer pick up – fully stocked, safety checks, cleaned and previous renter comments addressed

o   Light maintenance to include fluid top offs, oil changes, belt tightening and light electrical troubleshooting as well as minor interior repairs.  Training will be provided, but the candidate must have the desire to learn these skills and preferably some knowledge of auto systems.

o   Cleaning to include interior and exterior washing of van as necessary. 

o   All systems to be topped off (water, propane and auxiliary battery)

o   Vehicle should be correctly packed and readied for proper renter (e.g. if renter has two kids, be sure van provided has two rear seat belts, if renter has requested linens be sure linen package is included).

o   GM will be responsible for daily movement of vehicles from any satellite locations to Peace Vans main office and vice-versa

-         Pre-Sales and Reservation Management

o   General Manager will have part time responsibility for handing inbound email, phone, IM and social media reservation requests and will be authorized to answer questions and help customers complete the reservation process

o   GM will assist in pre-sales activities engaging with prospective renters on the phone, email, IM and social media to answer questions, provide itinerary ideas, etc. as time allows

-         Store Room Management and Equipment Oversight

o   GM will have full responsibility for managing the store room with all equipment required to complement the rentals.  From general camping equipment to consumables (e.g. garbage bags, spices, etc.), GM will monitor levels, reorder as necessary.

o   GM will assist seasonal employees in the cleaning and prepping of rental equipment.  In the “off season” GM will have primary responsibility for cleaning and prepping of this equipment including washing dishes, wiping bins, and arranging for laundering of linens (possibility of laundering be done in house depending on facilities)


-         Customer Response/Rescue

o   General Manager will be the primary point of contact for clients on the road and traveling.  This will require carrying the designated office cell phone and providing near-immediate response to questions or issues as they arise.  You must be able to be available via text/cell/email during your coverage hours in near real time.  Savviness with digital communication tools will be important.

o   General Manager, with training and support, will be responsible for triaging and managing and vehicle breakdowns or mechanical issues.  This might be as simple as confirming with a Peace Vans Technician that the situation is fine or coaching the client on how to top off a fluid.  In the event of a true mechanical issue, the General Manager will assist the client in obtaining mechanical services and getting them back on the road.  In rare cases, the General Manager might have to travel to the client and make the repair or bring a replacement vehicle.  This last case is very rare.

-         General Marketing Duties

o   General Manager should have a minimum set of marketing and social media skills to fill in any gaps during the off season.  General photography and videography also included.

-         Itinerary and location scouting

o   General Manager might be asked to travel to locations to identify unique camping or travel situations for Peace Vans customers

During Peak Season (May-September) Peace Vans will employ 1 seasonal full time worker to assist you (may be part time, TBD).



-         Passion for customer service and the ability to meet high customer expectations

-         A love of travel and the outdoor lifestyle

-         2-4 years experience in a senior customer service role   - sales, support, guiding, or similar

-         Marketing, graphic design, photography and social media skills

-         Ability to work three weekends per month in the summer.  Weekend days might not be full 8 hour days.  Willingness to take an occasional customer call outside of business hours

-         Mechanical aptitude and a desire to learn light vehicle maintenance

-         Ability to lift 60 lbs.

-         Professional and presentable appearance and attitude

-         Clean driving record, excellent driving skills


-         W-2, Full time, salaried position range from $32,000 to $36,000 depending on experience

-         Annual bonus up to 10% of salary depending on performance and other metrics

-         2 weeks paid time off after 6 months of employment

-         1 week of Peace Van rental per year, transferrable

-         No other benefits available at this tim