We are hiring!

We have two current part time openings that we want to hire one person for and have them work FULL TIME.  We will consider two candidates - both part time, but really, this is best filled by one person.  But, if  one or the other speaks to you, then - by all means - write us.  Email is in this missive below.

The ideal candidate LOVES VW Vans, is smart, intuitive and hard working - double bonus points if you drive one.  To apply for both or Job 2, you should have some mechanical aptitude and preferably a small set of your own tools.  If you are hired for either job there is significant room to grow.  We are a very exciting business with lots on unannounced projects and a lot of interesting work for the right person. 

Working at Peace Vans is a bit like having a second family.  We are a tight knit group, we have each others' backs, and we are constantly helping and supporting each other.  People love working here.  We are professionally run and provide a supportive work environment.  

We can be very creative for the right candidate.

Both jobs have a starting wage of $15/hour.  

Start Date: Immediate

Please apply for either one, or apply for the full time role to cover both.

questions and resumes should be sent to harley@peacevans.com

Job 1: Peace Vans Rentals Support

As we enter our peak rental season, our little rental business is going to be slammed and we want a rock-star team member to help us provide the vacation experience of a lifetime for some amazing renters.

You will be working with our already in-place full time employee, supporting him in making sure this business runs flawlessly.  Many of the responsibilities listed below will be shared

This job is approximately 20 hours per week.  


- Detail vans for next renters, including exterior and interior washing

- Stock vans in preparation for renters

- Manage stock room including washing dishes, sheets, sleeping bags

- Possible light maintenance on vans depending your experience, skill sets and aptitude

- Driving vans to fill with propane, gas, etc.

- Possible customer service responsibilities including check in/check out

- Occasional on call duties - driving out to assist a renter (paid time) and possibly even bringing a new van in the rare (hasn't happened yet) case that a van needs to be swapped out.  

As we are mostly a seasonal business, you would have to be available a few weekend days per month from June-September.  Once hired, we can schedule this out.  Similarly, there might be an occasional evening required as well during the summer.


Job 2: Peace Vans Shop Support

The second job is more mechanical that the first.  The main shop requires a support person.  Your primary role for the first 6 months will be dis-assembling our fleet of parts vans.  You will be taught how to do this, which parts to keep, which to toss.  Ultimately, you will end up disposing of the final carcass once the van is completely stripped of anything useful.  In conjunction with this you will also organize, manage and maintain our used parts inventory and the used parts store room.  This is dirty work which requires some mechanical aptitude and mechanical experience.  Much of the work happens outside (covered).  You will also be the point person for running shop errands onsite and offsite.  This could lean into an apprentice mechanic role if that was your desire.

This is a 20 hour per week job.