The Nisqually river is a wide and meandering river, moving through central Washington fed by it's namesake the Nisqually Glacier. It also shares its name with the Nisqually Native American tribe, one the most venerated fishing tribes of the Northwest and ancient stewards of this beautiful land. 

Nisqually the van will take you in style and comfort on journey of your choosing throughout the Northwest. As a full 'Westy,' she sleeps 4, has a built-in cook top and sink, and lots of storage. Nisqually also has a brand new inline 4 2.0L engine, giving her lots of extra power and making her a lot of fun to drive. Other upgrades include 16" wheels for better handling and a heater for chilly nights. Keep in mind, Nisqually has an old-school manual transmission, so you'll need to know how to drive one of these vehicles.