Ohanapecosh is a river and a glacier all wrapped up into one.  One of Western Washington's most beautiful scenes, the Ohanapecosh river cascades through 16 miles of dense greenery, working her way down Mt. Rainier's southeastern slope, carving a beautiful path over the stunning Wauhaukaupauken Falls and ending in the serene Clear Folk Cowlitz River.  

Just like her namesake, Ohanapecosh the van is a wonderful combination of some of the best things in the world. She's mobile, fast, and feisty like the river but also solid, stable, and beautiful like the glacier. As a full 'Westy,' she sleeps 4, has a built-in cook top and sink, and lots of storage. Ohaha (as we like to call her) is an automatic transmission with a freshly rebuilt 2.2L motor, perfect for cruising the Pacific Northwest.  (photos by @pocketsoffilm)