Yes, Modern Camper Vans!

Our sister business, Peace Vans, recently became among the first companies in North America to start building out a modern, "small footprint", camper van on the Mercedes Metris platform.  For them, this is a very exciting opportunity as there has been nothing in this segment of the market since the Eurovan stopped production in 2003.

For us, it's exciting because we can RENT THEM to you.  While these modern camper vans lack a certain "je ne sais quoi" (basically French for soul) they make up for it in flat out performance and comfort.  Nobody is going to give you a friendly Peace sign wave, nor will you be accosted at the campgrounds and regaled with tales of old VW buses, but you will garner a lot of attention is these are rare beasts and people are going to be darn curios what that thing is you're driving and camping in.  And, to be honest, they are pretty cool in a sleek and modern way.

We don't have a ton of pictures of these since they are new and being built as we speak.  But, at a high level, they are much like all our other camper vans - they sleep four comfortably (two up top, two down below), are equipped with a small stove, fridge, sink and lots of other little accouterments. Please be aware, our full campers do not have heaters like our other full campers.

These vans are ideally suited for much longer road trips, and we are much more comfortable letting one of these go to Yellowstone or similar (you'll still need a longer rental for that).

They are for sale over at our sister company - learn more here