Rosie and Will from Seattle, WA

“We were looking for a VW camper to rent for our honeymoon. We were so pleased to find Peace Vans had a rental service, as we had heard good things about the mechanics.  We let them know that were going to be honeymooners and we feel we got top notch service right from booking. Not only were they super cool and fun to work with, but they TOTALLY took care of us to make it special. They wrote "Just Married" on the back of the van, and gave us a bottle of champagne when we picked it up. Driving around in a Vanagon with Just Married written on the back got us so many honks, waves, thumbs ups, congrats and well wishes from people across the state! 

Our rental was called Pilchuck. We had 11 nights and no plans, so Peace Vans gave us some great maps with campground symbols that helped us plan the whole way (we didn't have cell signal, which was so nice to do the old fashioned way!)

I can't say enough how nice the rental was. It was in amazingly great condition. It's hard to believe this van is almost 30 years old! It comes fully stocked with all the supplies one would need, even if you flew in from out of town. And, it's really good quality stuff - real nice knives, pots and pans and everything is in great condition and not the cheap stuff! They also supplied good Seattle coffee to get us going and a french press. It was perfect. Oh and a great bluetooth speaker! 

We went all across WA. We started out on the Mountain Loop Highway to HWY 20. This is beautiful a route - we saw jetting snow capped mountains in the North Cascades. We headed on through the Methow Valley to the Okanongan Forest and the Selkirk Mountains and then down through the desert to the Grand Coulie Damn and on through hwy 155 with coulies on both sides, stopped at Dry Falls and back to Seattle. We camped every night in the camper: slept soundly in the van and got up to explore every morning!  The 3 window tent is super cool because you can see outside, but you're cozy inside. The van is so easy to pack in and out for optimal road trip fun.  We had so much fun, we texted them half way through and asked for another night, and we got it! 

We looked into a lot of rental companies, a few in Canada that got really bad reviews about people getting stranded with mechanical failures. This will not happen with Peace Vans rentals! Not only do they meticulously check out their vehicles before they go out - they also have mechanics all over to help out, or will send a mechanic from Seattle! Incredible peace of mind! 

So, now we've got our eyes on buying a Westy, of course... but if not, we know we can always rent one and be totally taken care of. We can't thank you enough, Peace Vans, for sending us off into our marriage right!