Vanagons are the classic VW camping vehicle. Fun styling, comfortable driving, big windows, and lots more make it one of the most perfect road trip vehicles ever. People love their Vanagons, and you are going to love your rental.

Most of our vans are full Westfalias, which means they come with equipped with small kitchen set ups, including a sink, a 2 burner stove, and lots of neat cabinetry (which we pack with everything you need for your camping adventure). A few of our vans are Weekenders, which means they don't have a built-in kitchen, but they do have more space. 

Our Vanagons all have had a minimum of $20,000 of work done on them before we OK them for you to use.  This includes refreshed motors, overhauled fuel/coolant/suspension systems and a reworked electrical system.

New for 2018, every single one of the full campers will have a modern AC/DC fridge installed, a Propex heater for shoulder season camping and Litium Ion batteries to power the fridge, heater and charge your devices in no time.  The Weekenders will get the Lithium batteries as well and an electric cooler that fits perfectly in the van.

Air conditioning in these vans is not something that should be counted on - the Northwest rarely requires it and most renters are doing relatively short drives each day.  If AC is important check out our Eurovans

Meet the vans!