New for 2018!

We love these old buses as much as our Eurovans and Vanagons, and we are sure you will too.  But, they aren't for everyone.  With motors from the 70s (although fully rebuilt by our in house experts), and some other quaint features, they hark back to a different era - where things really went slower, kids didn't wear helmets for every activity, and just getting from A to B was a journey.

These truly vintage VW Buses are available for two types of touring:

  • Day trips around Seattle.  What better way to explore the city than in one of these beauties?  Fairly compact, tight turning radius, and a head turner everywhere you go.  You'll travel the city in style as you stop by some of the favorite spots.  If your lodging can accommodate it feel free to rent it for a few days.  But daily rentals are also fine with us.  Pick up as early as 9AM and return as late as 8PM.
  • Short Camping Trips.  Want a truly romantic getaway?  Roam to one of our near-in camping destinations for a 1 camping trip.

These vintage buses can be a bit trickier to drive.  We require you to have very recent manual transmission driving experience.  

Also, a great idea for special events, marketing promotions and similar things where you want a literal smile machine.


Our normal rates, policies and everything else applies to these except for the different pick up hours for daily rentals.