Whatcom means "noisy waters" in the native Lummi language.  But you won't get any strange noises from out van Whatcom.  She's a brilliant blue beauty that has been completely mechanically overhauled by our talented staff.  We normally don't paint our vans, but this blue is so pretty we took that step with Whatcom - but don't worry, it's ok to scratch her up a bit on your adventure.  

Whatcom is a Weekender Edition.  What this means is she doesn't have the traditional kitchen set up inside the van.  The benefits of this set up (and there are many) include more interior space and possibly better suited for families greater than 4 (although we rent to plenty of families with 5 in the full campers).  The lower bed is slightly larger (as is the seat - as it's the seat that turns into the bed), and there is the option of a rear facing jump seat.  No need to worry about storing hot dogs, veggie dogs, or whatever your heart desires, we also include an ARB fridge. You most likely won't miss in the inside kitchen set up - most renters barely use that anyway, preferring to cook and clean outside the van (all our rentals ship with a two burner propane stuff, in addition to everything else).

More pictures coming soon!