The Base Package

Peace Vans Rentals will provide you with almost everything you'll need for a fun and seamless trip. Here is what a base vehicle includes. Models and features will vary but every van will have this base.  Our package is designed for you to fly in and go.  You truly need nothing.

  • Fully serviced mechanical systems. Each van has a 50+ point safety inspection service before every pick up. We will never rent a van if a major service is required.

  • Starting in 2018, everyone one of our vans will have a modern refrigerator installed and wired into an upgraded Lithium Ion auxiliary battery. We can supply a small cooler if you think you need the additional space. Note the Weekender Vans did not have a stock fridge. We will supply an ARB Electric fridge for free for your rental.

  • Pop-top tent with three windows - this area can sleep 2 people.

  • Bench seat that converts to a bed, which can sleep 2 people (we have seen 3 children sleep here! Proceed at your own risk).

  • Full curtain set for privacy while sleeping, including snap in screens for warm nights.

  • The driver and passenger seats are captain's chairs that swivel around for hanging out in the van.

  • Premium sound system (because what's a road trip without great tunes?)

  • New tires for better handling and safety.

  • Interior lighting upgrades.

  • Plates, bowls, cups, and eating utensils for 4. Also thermal mugs for morning coffee, or late night hot chocolate

  • A full complement of cookware (cheese grater, garlic press, whisks, measuring cups, knives, cutting board, mixing bowls, and on and on)

  • Pots, pans: 12" skillet, small and large pots, and small kettle

  • An assortment of paper and disposable items (paper towels, ziploc bags, toilet paper).

  • Dishwashing soap, sponges, and two spray bottles for washing.

  • A great selection of spices for cooking. Also mustard, ketchup, Chuhula! and mayo packages.

  • Corkscrew and wine glasses (Martini glasses available upon special request)

  • A French press coffee maker (plus one pound of Seattle's finest coffee from Conduit Coffee - ground specifically for a French Press). We also sneak a few Starbucks VIA instant packages into your spice kits for those mornings you can't wait the 4 minutes for the coffee to steep.

  • A 40 oz. Hydro-Flask thermos bottle, very convenient for keeping your coffee warm ( available upon request only)

  • A 64 oz. Hydro-Flask beer growler (available on request only)

  • Trash bags and recycling bags

  • 2 Headlamps

  • Most vans come with an awning for camp site shade

  • Matches, fire starters and lighter

  • Small, quick set up camping table

  • A multi-tool for whittling at the camp site and more

  • A folding camp chair for everyone in your party

  • A two burner propane stove for cooking outside the van if you prefer (and two bottles of propane for the stove)

  • Other miscellaneous camping surprises (First Aid Kit, whisk broom, atlas/map, etc.)

  • …AND, before you leave be sure to rob our bookshelves for a huge selection of guide books, games (including some local games like Just Four Kicks) and other fun things.

Extra Items:

  • Complete Linen Package. Pillows, Rumpl Sleeping Blankets (or sleeing bags), sheets, towels. $135 for 1-2 people and $165 for more than 2.

  • Rooftop Storage Box. Great if you're traveling with a lot of stuff. $120

  • Tent for overflow storage or sleeping. Are you kids not excited about sharing a bed? Consider renting an awesome tent for $55 for your trip.

We really try to think of everything you'll need and have it there for you.  And it's all high quality stuff - we didn't just go to Goodwill and fill up (although as soon as the stuff feels worn, we happily donate it to Goodwill).  From the Rumpl sleep blankets, to the Hydro-Flask thermos, to the Coleman stoves, to 

Optional Camper Van Packages

This base package may be enough for your needs, especially if you're an experienced camper with some of your own gear. We offer additional optional packages to make your trip even more comfortable.

  • Linens:  We offer a linen packages that includes pillows, sheets, sleeping bags or Rumpl blankets (depending on your preference), and towels. This package is $135/week for 2 people or $155/week for 3-5 people.

  • Overflow Tent:  Traveling with more than 4 or a big time snorer or kids who no longer want to sleep together?  Got lots of gear you'll want out of the van at night?  We can supply you with a nice, easy to set up tent for your overflow gear or sleepers.   $95 for the rental period.