Rent Yakima and rent history.  Each of our vans has a backstory (sometimes many) - families, couples, solo travelers who have taken the vehicle on countless journeys and explorations.  Yakima was purchased from an amazing couple who took her to all 48 states.  They treated the van with impeccable care and kindness and we are lucky enough to have her ready for you to rent.  When renting her, be sure to read the book we include which has personal travel tales from this couple.

Yakima is a full camper van model.  As such, she has the onboard sink, stove, heater, and fridge.  While not necessary for a camping trip in a Peace Vans, having this full set up can be nice.  You do lose a bit of sleeping and storage space, so if you have more than 4 people in your party you may want to consider one of our Weekenders.

More pictures of Yakima are coming soon.