Eurovans are the modern incarnation of the VW camping vehicle. Manufactured from 1993 to 2003, Eurovans drive much more like a modern vehicle and have some of the creature comforts people have come to expect (for example, functioning air conditioning).  If you are interesting in taking a longer trip, the Eurovan may be the rental for you. 

While some people think the Eurovans don't have the same "je ne sais quoi" as the Vanagons, we disagree.  Eurovans have their own charms and quirks and we love them as much as our Vanagons and older buses.  Eurovans, with the additional power, are a blast to drive and many have creature comforts not available on the older Vanagons (did we say AC already?).

All Eurovans have awnings

Meet the vans! (More Eurovans coming soon.)