Peace Vans Rentals is quite the busy place from June through September. To support all the awesomeness, we hire a fairly large seasonal team. These jobs require weekend work, sometimes after hours work, and - on the surface - are pretty unglamorous; think lots of laundry, dishwashing, detailing and such. But, the rewards are great. You, literally, play a role in helping people have the vacation of a lifetime and connect with the great outdoors. And, if we can toot our own horns for a bit, we are a great place to work; friendly, supportive, well managed and without the typical wonkiness of many small and/or seasonal businesses. These jobs pay minimum wage (or close to it), and come with minimal benefits. But, you get to be around cool people, doing cool things and at the end of the season (or the beginning if you join on time), we encourage you take a van or two out for a few nights and really get to know them.

These jobs tend to start in June, but contact us to learn more.