Take A One Way Trip - Your Way

From October through May, work with us on crafting a unique one way itinerary up and down the West coast, the Southwest or even beyond

Last year we experimented with a few renters, letting them take our vans as far afield as New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego and Las Vegas.  And guess what?  It worked splendidly.  Our conditions for these trips are:

  • October through early June. Our peak season of June through September is so busy that we like to keep our vans a bit closer.

  • Typically a minimum of 12 nights will be required and generally longer for these trips.

  • The one way fee is equal to our recovery fee which is typically a plane ticket and some gas money to get the van home. The one way fee starts at $295 and rises from there (changes by season).

  • You are required to purchase the additional roadside assistance package for $12/day when you make your deposit

  • Standard mileage policies apply. 125 miles per day (cumulative over the number of days) and then $.35/mile afterwards.

  • You must work with us on arranging this. We are friendly, give us a call or email.

From time to time we do need a van driven from one location to another. While not “dead heads” (we always rent these), we can often lower the minimum nights on these return trips, and/or waive the one way fees. Email of call us to learn more.

 One Way Opportunities:

  • Check back here for one way opportunities!