The Peace Vans Family


While our rental business gets a lot of attention, the Peace Vans family has several unique businesses we operate.

  • Peace Vans “The Shop”: Our original business, “the shop”, is the largest VW repair shop in the US. We work on old split window buses, air cooled Bay Windows, Vanagons and Eurovans. We employ skilled, artisan mechanics and other specialists to keep these beloved vehicles on the road. While we have a very large PNW clientele, we also serve customer from all over the US and Canada

  • Peace Vans Modern: After almost 3 years of R&D and development, we now build and sell modern camper vans on the Mercedes Metris platform with other exciting news coming soon.

  • Peace Vans Outfitters: Want to rent camping equipment but not the vehicle? Starting in 2019, we’ve got you covered. Taking our expertise in outfitting our rental vans with the best camping equipment we can find, we now offer that service (renting camping equipment, BYOV - bring your own vehicle) to you.