Yes, Modern Camper Vans!

Our sister business, Peace Vans, recently launched a “Modern Camper” building business in partnership with Mercedes. Peace Vans Modern now builds both small footprint, pop top campers that sleep four (on the Mercedes Metris platform) and large vans on the Mercedes Sprinter platform.

Last year we had a prototype Mercedes Metris Pop Top camper in the fleet and people loved it. While lacking a certain "je ne sais quoi" (basically French for soul) they make up for it in flat out performance and comfort.  You’re unlikely to get a friendly Peace sign wave, nor will you be accosted at the campgrounds and regaled with tales of old VW buses, but you will garner a lot of attention is these are rare beasts and people are going to be darn curious what that thing is you're driving and camping in.  And, to be honest, they are pretty cool in a sleek and modern way.

For our Sprinters, we have partnered with our good friends ZenVanz to provide near-luxury experience for your road trip. These deluxe Sprinter vans are only for parties of two, but that party is going to have a good time. Featuring one-of-a-kind curved bamboo interiors, paperstone cooktops, induction burner, large fridge and a comfy near-queen size bed - you’ll have a road trip you won’t forget.

These vans are ideally suited for much longer road trips, and we are much more comfortable letting one of these go to Yellowstone or similar (you'll still need a longer rental for that). We also rent these vans for one ways, so ask us about that.

Our Metris weekender has the space you’re looking for if you’re traveling with more than 2 people or enjoy cooking outside( most people cook outside anyway) and therefore does not have a fridge in it (we will give you a cooler of any size you’d like to go with you).

They are for sale over at our sister company - learn more here

Peace Vans Modern: Sprinter (Sleeps 2- Seats 2). $285/night

Peace Vans Modern: Pop Top Metris (Sleeps 4- Seats 4). $245/night (THESE PICTURES ARE the “Full Camper” - not a Weekender)