Yes, of course, we don't rent as many vans during the off season and we'd love to rent more.  Yes, it'd be great for our business and, yes, it's the responsible business owner thing to try and better market "off season" camping.  But - given all that - the honest to god truth is that some of the greatest camping experiences are to be had in the off season.  If you're up for a different experience than the usual summer camping...exploring the Pacific Northwest in a VW Camper Van from October to April is a unique and special vacation option.

We will always put you in a vehicle with a heater, and if you rent the linen package we will double up on the blankets.  We'll take care of you. 

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question answered here, ask us!

10) The campgrounds are basically empty

No more stressing out to get the killer site at Kalaloch or Ohanapecosh.  Starting around October 1, all the parks pretty much empty out.  Sure, a bunch of them actually close, but some awesome ones stay open and you will not just the sweet spots, but also a very quiet camping experience.

9) Stormy weather is actually cool in a van

As long as you keep it to two people, nothing beats being cozied up in a VW falling asleep to the sound of gentle rain on the rooftop.  We tend to recommend not using the pop during long rainy trips, but it can - and has - been done and people have had a blast.

8) Drive onto the ferries - no waiting

In the peak of summer it's not unusual to have to wait 3-4 hours for a ferry if you forgot a reservation or couldn't score one.  From October to April - it's drive on time.

7) It's cheaper!  

Our nightly rates lower to $170/night vs. $215/night.  More savings equals more money to do fun things!

6) Get a van with a heater! 

We can guarantee you a van (Eurovan or Vanagon) with a little built in propane heater to keep you warm and toasty all night long.  Perfect for taking the dampness off after  a day of hiking

5) There are beautiful days from October to April.  Really - there's a lot of them.

While the off season has a reputation for rain and cold, some of the most beautiful days of the year occur in the winter months - the air is crisp, sky is crystal blue and the mountains are snow capped.  We can't promise you'll get one of these days, but rent for a week and it's a possibility.

4) Free Hoodie Sweatshirt and T-shirt if it rains every day of your trip

It won't happen - but, if it does rain every day of your trip, we will gift a free hoodie sweatshirt and t-shirt (one for every member of your party).

3) Everything is more accessible

Want dinner at that fancy place on Orcas?  Campsite A24 at Kalaloch?  Crab off the dock in Seaside, OR?  You won't have to wait for any of these in the off season.

2) There's no snow.  

Even in the coldest of winters, snow on our routes is very, very unusual.  

1) We repeat...the camping is AWESOME

This list has been somewhat tongue in cheek, but the honest reality is that most people in the "know" try to get out camping in the off season.  Yes, there's no question the weather can be challenging in the off season, but the list above is truthful and from our hearts.  We love the off season camping and we have equipped our vans to be awesome for you in the season.  There's nothing better than rolling into a prime park, getting the best spot, and knowing you're almost all by yourself.  It's truly a magical experience.