Peace Vans Rental Program

Named for some of the most beautiful rivers in the Northwest, each of our VW rental vans have been carefully selected to be part of the Peace Vans rental program. Much like the rivers they are named after, each van has a distinct personality and will carry you on your journey with style, grace, and joy.  

Mechanical Soundness

No matter which van you pick, you can be assured it will have had the full Peace Vans treatment. This means that every major and minor system has been thoroughly looked over, repaired and upgraded as necessary. The interiors have all been refreshed and thoroughly detailed, and nice little modern additions have been added (USB outlets, modern stereos, new seals, etc.).  

Rental Information

Peace Vans rents both Vanagons and Eurovans.  Vanagons are the more classic "VW" style van and tend be a bit more "vintage" - they generally lack AC, are quaintly powered and not that well suited for long, long trips; on the plus side, they tend to get a lot more looks, are a bit more fun to drive, and generally more evocative of the classic VW experience.  Eurovans are more like modern vans, but outfitted for camping with pop tops as well as cool interior cabinetry - because of their modern electronics and larger engines, they tend to be a better choice for longer trips; while you may not get as many folks waving at you in a Eurovan, you'll still be part of the Peace Vans family and enjoy a classic and comfortable road trip.

Learn about Vanagons here and Eurovans here.

Because of the age of our vehicles and the care required to keep them on the road, the actual rental pool is always in a bit of flux. This means that the vans you see here might not be the exact vans available at the time of your booking. We do, however, guarantee the model. So if you book a Vanagon, you'll get a Vanagon, and the same goes for the Eurovan. While the color or mechanical specifics may vary a bit, all of our rentals are well cared for, well loved Peace Vans.

One other note! These vans (both Vanagon and Eurovan) comfortably fit 4 people, ideally 2 adults and 2 children. If you're traveling with 4-5 adults, you might consider renting a Vanagon Weekender model - the Weekender doesn't have a built-in kitchen, but it does have more space.