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Why Rent a VW Camper Van from Peace Vans?

Backed By Peace Vans - The Best Shop in the Northwest

It's your vacation and the last thing you want is a mechanical issue.  We take great pride in our vehicles and proactively making sure you won't have issues.  

  • Every rental van has been thoroughly revamped and all major systems have been rebuilt or replaced.

    • New or rebuilt motors

    • New brakes, often upgraded to "big brakes"

    • Coolant systems completely overhauled

    • Transmissions rebuilt and resealed

    • Electrical system thoroughly worked over and tested

    • Thousands of dollars of preventative maintenance

  • All our vans have second batteries (upgraded to higher power LiFEPO4 in 2017) for powering lights, the radio while parked, and USB devices you have

  • All work has been completed by the team at Peace Vans, mechanics which have been hand picked for their expertise and experience.

  • All minor service items are looked at each week by one of our technicians. Each van comes out of the rental pool at least one week every 6 months for more extensive work.

  • We won't rent a van if it is not 100% ready to go. We ask ourselves, 'would we take our kids cross-country in this thing?' before we sign off on it.

  • Every employee in our shop drives and owns one of these wonderful vehicles. We know them inside and out, and you get the benefits of that.

  • We are happy to provide tours of the shop before or after your rental.

Dedicated Customer Support and Service

  • Peace Vans has full time staff dedicated to checking you in and out of your rental. You will always be welcomed and briefed by a VW expert who will help orient you to the vehicle. We will go over every system and answer every question you have.

  • You will have a way to reach us 24x7. You'll never be out of touch.

  • Phone and email support while you are on your journey. Get in touch with us anytime while you're traveling and we will help you troubleshoot issues, provide travel hints, or be of help anyway we can.

  • If needed, we can provide travel tips and tricks for the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Just ask.

  • We also maintain a network of shops throughout the region who are ready to help if need be. We have even stocked some key parts at these shops just in case.

The Best Vehicles and Extra Touches

  • In addition to all vehicles being mechanically awesome, all the extras are also of the highest quality. Premium sound systems, new wheels and tires, and lots of other fun upgrades.

  • Every van has a second, auxiliary battery for powering inside lights, your devices, and even a portable refrigerator if you rented one.

  • All of the full camper vans have secondary propane heaters built in for fall/winter camping. Keep in mind that fall/winter camping with the pop top up can be pretty challenging - we tend to recommend to not be dependent on the pop top during those seasons.

  • The included equipment is all stuff we would use ourselves - from the press pots to the plates, to the sleeping bags and the coolers, to the chairs and the towels. We even include fun little things like a cheese grater, a garlic press, and a full assortment of spices. We did not run to Goodwill to stock your vacation vehicle.

  • All rentals come with a pound of high quality coffee, ground for a french press. And, of course, each van comes with a french press as well. Small batch bourbon from our friends at 2Bar Spirits is available on request, as are Parisian Macarons from our other good friend (yes, we have a lot of friends) Alexandra's Macarons. Every van also leaves with a French Press Pot for coffee and free pound of coffee ground for French Press from our friends at Conduit Coffee here in Seattle. The coffee is custom blend and roasted just for us (and you).