The Peace Vans Season Pass Program

Photo Credit: Evan Kubena

Your Opportunity to Camp at a Discount  

Love the idea of Peace Vans Rentals, but the 6 night minimum or total cost not working for you? Our new Season Pass program is for you!  

We have had countless calls from local renters seeking shorter rentals and we designed this program to meet the need.  We hate to say it, but it's kind of like owning a van without all the hassle (we love owning vans and fully endorse that decision for those that do choose it). 

We offer 3 tiers of passes - the Basic, Deluxe, and Year-round - so you can select the camping options that suit you best. 

All passes have:

  • A fixed number of nights use per year
  • Additional nights at 10% off published rates
  • Access to Peace Vans Camps as we develop them
  • Lower minimums than our standard 6 night
  • 10% discount from the Pass price if you opt for a "Naked" van - without any of our normally supplied equipment
  • Lots of other goodies


Shoulder Season Basic:  $1,000.  Best for a few short trips in the off season

  • Good for our shoulder season.  October through April
  • 8 nights of van rental
  • Minimum 4 night rental
  • Reserve up to 72 hours in advance

Shoulder Season Deluxe:  $1,500.  Best for "almost owning a van" in the off season.  Lower minimum and shorter notice requirements means you can decide on Wednesday, pick up on Friday and return on Monday.  

  • Good for our shoulder season.  October through April
  • 12 nights of van rental
  • Minimum 3 night rental
  • Reserve up to 48 hours in advance

All Season Deluxe:  $2,000.  The closest you can get to a time share of a Peace Van :)

  • Good year round
  • 14 nights of van rental.  Maximum of 6 nights from May to September
  • Minimum 3 night rental
  • Reserve up to 24 hours in advance
  • Take a one way trip to Santa Cruz and waive the $195 one way fee (requires 8 nights minimum).

In addition to these season pass benefits, you'll receive access to our exclusive Peace Vans camps. These are carefully selected sites throughout the Pacific Northwest where Season Pass holders can camp without having to plan ahead and make reservations. This comes in super handy for those spur-of-the-moment trips!  We are also excited to partner with like minded destinations such as Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island and Loge Camp in Westport - both very friendly Westy destinations and you get a 20% discount as a Season Pass holder.

As a Season Pass holder, you get to choose whether you want an Outfitted van or a Naked van. An Outfitted van will be fully stocked and ready to go. A Naked van is just that, so you'll need to supply all of your own camping gear. If you choose a Naked van, you'll receive a 10% discount off your Season Pass. Choose wisely, because whichever option you choose will apply to the duration of your Season Pass.  

Ready to Sign Up?

Call the shop or email us and we'll hook you up! And if you sign up between now and October 15th, we'll let you rollover your nights for one year after the sign up date (this isn't usually allowed - see the first FAQ below!).  These are going to be limited, so if you want one - act soon.  We imagine they will sell out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I don’t use all my nights in a given year?

A. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a “rollover” option. However, for the first 10 people who sign up for our inaugural season between now and October 15th, we will allow rollovers to happen for one year after the sign up date.

Q. Your business appears to be very popular and your website mentions “selling out.” How can I be assured I will get to use my nights?

A. For off season rentals, our fleet is large enough that we don’t anticipate a problem. In the peak season (June through August) the schedule does fill up very early – particularly for longer trips. If you are in the Year-round Pass tier and want a week-long rental in July/August, we encourage you to plan ahead. For shorter rentals, we don’t offer those to our non-Season Pass holders, so it’s much easier to find a window in between rentals. However, if you continue to be shut out of dates you want, talk to us about it and we will work with you. Once we sell 20 Season Passes, we also maintain one Vanagon and Eurovan just for our Season Pass holders, which means you're not competing with our rental pool to reserve your nights for these vans. Of course, if another Season Pass holder grabs that van then you are in competition with our general renting pool.  Unless we sell 100 of these passes, we don't anticipate a problem and we are capping the number for sale far below that.  Finally, we are going to cap overall Season Pass sales at approximately 25 split across the levels.  We think these are going to sell out fast, so if you are interested, we'd act soon.

Q. I'm sold!  How do I buy and when can I leave?

A. We are only selling these to local customers so email us directly at and we will talk/walk you through the process.  To make a reservation, we need 1) payment 2) some forms signed 3) you to go through orientation.  Depending on demand and the number of sign ups we might hold a multi-person orientation and a scheduled time.

Q. What are your pick-up and drop-off times for this program?

A. All of our  standard terms apply to this program – security deposits, cancellation fees, etc. Our standard pick-up and drop-off times are 1PM - depending on our schedule we can be flexible with this, but it’s a judgment call a few days before the date. 

Q. Are there any fees in addition to the Season Pass rates?

Insurance is required and is a 10% charge – it will never exceed the 10% of your Season Pass cost in a year. We are also required to collect two taxes - WA State Sales Tax at 10.1% and a King County Rental Car Tax of 7.7%. The taxes must be collected at the time of payment for the Season Pass. The 10% insurance charge is collected when you reserve your rental and is based on the discounted rate of your van (e.g. if you buy the season pass for $1,000 which includes 8 nights of off season that means $125/night or an insurance charge of $12.50 per night).

Season Pass holders are also still bound to our mileage limits and charges.  You get 125 miles per night (cumulative, so if you rent for 4 nights, you get 500 miles for the entire trip - you can do 400 miles one night, and 33 each of the next 3) and after that we charge $.35/mile.

Q. What is the difference between a “Outfitted” van and a “Naked” van?

A. An Outfitted van comes with everything we include in our standard rentals - check out what's included. A Naked van has all the standard equipment of the platform you choose (Full Camper, Weekender) but nothing else - you supply all the camping gear. If you opt for the Naked Van approach, you will get a 10% discount on your season pass.  You do have stick with whatever you choose - always naked or always outfitted.

Q. How is pick up and drop off going to work?

A. Our goal is to have a seamless experience for everyone.  When you purchase your pass we will pre-approve you on our insurance plan.  We will also schedule a date for an orientation process so that you are all trained up and prepared to use a van (you can also choose to just wait until your first pick up for this training).  Our desire is that you decide you want to camp next check our site and find a reserve it...on the pick up day you zoom down to Peace Vans, grab your keys and go.  Seamless for everyone.

Q. A lot of the nights in all the Season Packages are for off-season.  Are the vans good for snow and ski?

A. Unfortunately, no. The vans simply don’t perform well enough in the snow for us to allow this. But, almost every van we offer has a toasty heater for camping on the coast or similar. Also, the vans are fine to drive over the pass with the same precautions you’d use in a regular vehicle.

Q. How does the One Way trip work?

A. Easy!  You simply pick some dates that work and go.  This option is only TO Santa Cruz from Seattle.  However, if we have a van we know needs a ride back from Santa Cruz, we will allow that.  We normally list those dates on our web site, but call us to double check if something coming back from Santa Cruz is available.

Q. What are Peace Vans Camps?

A. Peace Vans Rentals really wants you to get out and explore and sometimes that means getting out of the public campgrounds.  To share this experience, we are cultivating a set of private camping experiences long our private routes to take you a bit off the beaten path.  We are slowly developing these, so stay tuned.  But all Season Pass holders will have access to them as we create them.

Q. Do I have choose a Eurovan or a Vanagon?

A. Nope.  You are welcome to reserve any van from the fleet - Eurovan, Vanagon, Weekender, Automatic, Manual...if it's open, it's yours.

Q. Clearly you want us to rent in the off season a lot, why would we?

A. Glad you asked!  The off season is great time - all of us who live here know it.  Most of our vans have heaters to keep you warm and toasty.  We love the off season so much we made a Top 10 list about why you should rent then.