Rental Calendar

As detailed in How It Works, our summer rental policy is a 6-night minimum (October through April we offer a 4 night minimum), 13-night maximum (ask us if you require longer - with the addition of our new Modern Mercedes Campers, we are OK with those roaming far and wide). We offer discounts for rentals longer than 12 nights - just get in touch to discuss!  

You can reserve online via the automated process below, or feel free to email us instead. We are here to answer all your questions, and we're happy to speak with you! 

You can browse the calendar below for dates with availability. When searching for dates, if you enter a large range (e.g. 2 weeks), the system searches for a van available that whole period, so we recommend starting with your specific dates as opposed to a range.  You can also call us to discuss specific dates - as the high season approaches, it can be hard to get exact dates to line up - but we can always help.  We can also sometimes move existing reservations to make room for yours.  Work with us!  Please give us a call and see what we can sort out for you if your online search below yields nothing.

Once you select dates, the system will send us a message and we will verify the request with you via email or a phone call. We use a third party called Outdoorsy to manage reservations and booking and some of the communication might have their name on it in addition to Peace Vans. Please note:  the system is not currently smart enough to stop your reservation if it is less than the 6-night minimum, but we will intervene when we get the notice of your interest. We apologize in advance for the confusion.

Before booking, please review our terms and conditions, which include details about our deposit and cancellation policy.

When considering a van, keep in mind that all our vans are awesome and generally speaking, equivalent.  Eurovans are best if AC is a must have (almost never the case in the Northwest), Vanagons are best if you really hanker for that more nostalgic (and slower) path.  We have a few Weekenders - these don't have all the interior cabinetry and kitchen gallery and are the perfect choice for larger families (two teens, or three kids).  More information on the vans is here

IMPORTANT:  Even if the schedule doesn't show your desired dates as available, don't hesitate to shoot us an email ( and see if we can move stuff around to fit you in.  There are definitely ways to squeeze you in that aren't obvious from looking at the calendar.  

Our rates are simple: $170/night from October to April, and $215/night from May through September.  Note, the prices displayed below are for the current season, once you enter your desired dates, the correct price will appear.  Our new Modern Mercedes Metris campers are a bit more expensive.

Finally, if you are looking to rent one of our awesome one-way trips, that has to be done in conjunction with some communication with us.  You can get a good idea from the schedule below about dates, but given our turn around process and such, we have to manually administer those reservations.  Checking the boxes for locations and searching dates won't give you the full story.  90% of our renters start and finish from our HQ in Seattle, WA.

If the Calendar below doesn’t load or display, you can always visit our reservations page hosted on our partner, Outdoorsy over here